Home Health & Wellness How Is Medical Marijuana Used?

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Smoking is the most expedient way to find relief because it deliversís an immediate effect. It is suggested that you use a pipe for a more predictable dosage.


Using a medical marijuana vaporizer which releases its active medical components, is the most recommended alternative to smoking it


Eating cannabis takes longer to kick in but it deliver a body effect instead of the brain making it a good option for individuals with chronic pain problems.

Tonics and Tinctures

Marijuana can be made into liquid form and added to food, consumed in small amounts by putting drops on your tongue. These tinctures are particularly useful in treating nausea and vomiting.

Your physician (hopefully you have an open minded one) will be able to determine whether or medical marijuana can help treat your specific condition and its symptoms. One of the many positive aspects of using this exceptional herb to treat health problems is that it doesn’t come with the long list of hazardous side effects most of today’s pharmaceuticals come with.


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