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Brave Mykayla is the 9 year-old lymphoblastic leukaemia survivor who used paediatric cannabis therapy

Brave Mykayla is the 9 year-old lymphoblastic leukaemia survivor who used paediatric cannabis therapy. There have been numerous cases that prove Paediatric cannabis therapy in children can be an effective treatment for many diseases such as cancer. In the United States there are two approved treatments for cancer, which are chemotherapy and radiation. Chemotherapy and radiation are toxic to the body, and they often cause harsh symptoms in patients during treatment. With the growing amount of evidence that proves medical marijuana can cure cancer in children, it should be an approved treatment option for adults and children. This natural alternative to cancer treatment has been used to cure the cancer in a 9 year old girl named Brave Mykayla Comstock.

Mykayla is a nine year old girl who had T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and her parents chose to treat her cancer by using cannabis treatment. Mykayla was diagnosed with the disease when she was seven. On July 14, 2012, doctors discovered a tumor in her chest that was the size of a basketball. Due to the size of her mass, doctors would not be able to sedate her for the needed surgery. The sedation would put Mykayla at risk of death from the pressure that would be on her esophagus and heart. This form of leukemia is very aggressive. The white blood cells that are infected are called lymphoblasts, and they do not die like normal cells. Because the lymphoblasts never die, they build up and accumulate in the chest causing a tumor to develop.

Mykayla’s parents decided to use Paediatric cannabis therapy on their daughter to ease the symptoms of chemotherapy. As soon as Mykayla began cannabis treatment her cell counts decreased. Mykayla’s appetite and mood improved immediately after starting cannabis treatment, and she was also in less pain. In July of 2012, she had a 51% lymphoblast count. In August of 2012, Mykayla’s lymphoblast count was non-existent. The last time lymphoblasts were found in Mykayla’s blood smear was July 30, 2012. Mykayla’s parents believe using cannabis treatment on their daughter resulted in the best outcome.

It has been proven that cannabis therapy can treat leukemia by causing programmed cell death, or apoptosis. Medical marijuana is a natural treatment option that does not expose children to the same effects of chemotherapy or radiation. Children that undergo traditional cancer treatments are also given narcotic pain relievers, which can have negative side effects. There have been 20 studies about cannabis being an effective treatment for cancer. These studies have shown that cannabis can reduce cancer cells, and cannabis can raise immunity levels in cancer patients. A natural plant that has been proven to cure cancer, and effectively treat chemotherapy symptoms should be an alternative treatment option for cancer patients. As the legalization of marijuana continues to grow, so should the exposure of cannabis as an approved treatment option for cancer patients.


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