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This Cannabis Ailment Guide is to assist you in understanding Medical Marijuana. WARNING: Consult with your doctor before adding or changing ANY of your medications, to avoid any unintended consequences.

The Cannabis plant has dozens of active ingredients called cannabinoids.
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Relieves pain (Analgesic) XXXXX
Suppresses appetite/ Helps with weight loss (Anorectic)X
Kills or slows bacteria growth (Anti-bacterial)XXX
Reduces blood sugar levels (Anti-diabetic)X
Reduces vomiting & nausea (Anti-emetic)XX
Reduces seizures & convulsion (Anti-epileptic)XX
Treats fungal infections (Anti-fungal)X
Reduces inflammation (Anti-inflammatory)XXXXXXX
Aids sleep (Anti-insomnia)X
Reduces risk of artery blockage (Anti-ischemic)X
Inhibits cell growth in tumors/ cancer cells (Anti-proliferative)XXXXX
Treats psoriasis (Anti-psoriatic)X
Tranquilizing/ used to manage psychosis (Anti-psychotic)X
Suppresses muscle spasms (Anti-spasmodic) XXXX
Relieves anxiety (Anxiolytic)X
Stimulates appetite (Appetite Stimulant)X
Promotes bone growth (Bone Stimulant)XXXX
Modulates functions in the immune system (Immunosuppressive)X
Reduces contractions in the small intestines (Intestinal Anti-prokinetic) X
Protects nervous system degeneration (Neuroprotective) X

NOTE: Info on this site has not been vetted by a physician.
Data from “Trends in Pharmacological Sciences”